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Are you ready to transform your home with new hardwood flooring? Hardwood flooring Alpharetta can add traditional beauty or contemporary elegance to your home.






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Floor Mod was established in 2014 and has been a leader in flooring installations, repairs, and maintenance in Buford, Alpharetta, and Gainesville, GA & surrounding areas ever since. Our Atlanta flooring company focuses on customer service and providing the highest quality work.  We pride ourselves on offering top-quality hardwood flooring products and overall customer satisfaction.

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“Floor Mod is devoted to doing flooring installs right. He doesn’t cut corners and promises great value to his customers. I would trust his company to do great work in your home.

Martin Luke
Martin LukeCEO, Colibri
“floormod was some of the best I’ve ever had. The pad Thai was amazing as well. Worth every penny. Thank you for a great evening on my wife and my anniversary, really “recommended”
Luther Simatupang
Luther SimatupangManager, Sparrow

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We are the trusted company for hardwood floor refinishing in US. Our flooring contractors and restoration pros will give you the look and feel of new floors at a fraction of the cost. Our expert flooring contractors don’t just provide flooring services-we educate our clients, too.


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We take the time to educate our customers to make sure they are getting the best floors for their specific needs!


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We work with hardwood flooring, unfinished, prefinished, laminate, LVP and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does carpet cost?

The cost of the cushion will vary depending on the thickness and weight of the cushion, the quality of the cushion construction, if the cushion has a moisture barrier, and the warranty covering the cushion.

How do I measure for carpet?

One of the many services that separate Flooring America/Flooring Canada from the competition is our complimentary home-measuring service. There are many factors that can influence how much carpet you will need for your space and which product is right for you, so avoid the headache and let us measure and assess your space for free! A professional home-measurement must be conducted by one of our FAFC certified flooring consultants or estimators if you would like us to professionally install the product. This is to ensure we order exactly the right amount of material for our installers to

If you wish to identify how much material you need by yourself you will need to find out the exact width and length of your space in feet and inches. You can use a standard tape measure or a laser measuring device. Multiply the width of your room by the length to determine the total square feet of the room. If your space is not a simple rectangle you will need to measure the length of every wall and break the room into small rectangle shaped sections to make it easier to calculate your square footage. Carpet is typically manufactured in 12 foot rolls and as a result there will often be waste material created by cutting the carpet roll to fit your space. To account for this waste you must order at least 10% more square feet of carpet than the actual size of your room. Typically the more windows, closets, corners and other unique features a room has will require more extra square feet of carpet.

What is low pile carpet?
The “pile” of a carpet refers to the height and density of its individual fibers. The term “low pile carpet” describes any carpet made from short fibers that are sewn together in tight, dense rows. This creates a uniform, even appearance, with a texture that is smooth to both the eye and the touch. Low pile carpet is often recommended for children’s rooms, rooms with heavy foot traffic, and hallways.
Do I have low or high pile carpet?
It makes sense to know whether you want high pile or low pile before you go carpet-shopping. But if you’ve already purchased the carpet, determining pile is important, because it can help you decide how to use the carpet. For example, if you determine that you have a high pile carpet, you’ll likely want to avoid placing it in a muddy or heavily-trafficked area, since the long, fluffy fibers can be a somewhat tougher to keep clean. For heavily-trafficked areas, low pile carpet is perfect. However, for a more plush, cozy feel — in areas where you may read and relax — high pile may be a better option.
How do I choose a carpet color?
When it comes to choosing a carpet color, you have endless freedom. Thanks to modern dye methods, today’s carpets are available in any hue or pattern you could imagine — in tones that range from eye-poppingly vivid to soothing pastel. While there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to use color, one of the best methods is to coordinate with your furniture or other rooms of your home, or to opt for a neutral shade (such as pale grey, beige, or tan) that can go with anything — even if you change your decor. For example, many design experts recommend balancing one or two neutral colors with a handful of brighter accents, and avoiding clashing colors like purple with orange or red with green.
How do I deep clean my carpet?
When it comes to any question about carpet cleaning and maintenance, we always recommend that homeowners follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Depending on the brand, product line, and other factors, there are different ways to deep clean carpets properly for best results. But you don’t have to dig through any boring technical manuals — instead, simply ask one of our team members for help. With trusted expertise on thousands of products, our home flooring experts can guide you in the right direction.